Over the past 26 years PayMate and its affiliates have helped hundreds of small and medium-size business owners achieve and succeed their goals. We are a family owned and operated team of professionals with over 50 years combined experience in the HR Outsourcing and Payroll industry.

We alleviate many of the headaches a business owner encounters in running a business. We assume the risk and liabilities of many employer-related exposures, such as employer tax liabilities, government reporting, unemployment claims management, and wage claims and audits. We eliminate the workers’ compensation deposits and annual audits by using a pay-as-you-go model every pay cycle.

We can accommodate your unique payroll needs. After all, what you do is unique. Maybe it doesn’t look too different than other companies out there, but your personality sets you apart from the rest. And that’s why you should be focusing on what you do best!

At PayMate, we’re passionate about helping business owners focus on opportunities rather than deal with human resources and administrative tasks. Let us help your business start growing today!

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The quality of our work shows through because it is designed with passion.

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